A little bit about me!

Hello lovers of crystals, jewelry and all things magical!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking at my shop, and reading a little bit about me. My name is Nicolee (nick a lee) and I am the sole creator, doing everything from designing down to the shipping.
I have always had a love for all things magical and creative, but I never invisioned myself running my own business from home. Instead I dreamed of being a therapist helping people overcome addictions, sexual trauma and other hardships we face as a society. I myself living through many of the same traumas it felt like the perfect fit.
However the Universe had different plans for me. In April of 2019, I had my 3rd child 15 weeks early. She had severe complications- weighing only one little pound. From birth she has dealt with severe brain damage, heart defects and chronic lung disease (to name a few.) During her 6 month NICU stay I quit my career to be close and focused on my family. From there my passions of Tarot, Crystals and Art came back to life.
Since then I have been doing tarot readings for clients online, and creating meaningful jewelry. Jewelry full of positive energy, love and intention. Crystals have a special level of resilience we can only dream of obtaining by ourselves. Being resilient is something I strive for every single day, from battling addiction and ptsd, while showing my little ones that each day we have the power to be better and stronger then the day before. We all have that ability within ourselves.
I believe that each piece I create is made for its specific owner. The metaphysical properties of crystals, as well as the color and design, not only catches the eye but speaks to the spirit.

If it calls to you reach out, and bring your Crystal Jewelry home. 🏡💜

Thank you for reading a bit about me, use coupon code IAMRESILIENT to get 10% off anything in the store. 🤗💜